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Single Trimester Consultation


This consultation is for expecting mothers looking for nutritional support in their current trimester. Tailored to you, I ensure that you and your growing baby receive the best recommendations by reviewing prenatal vitamins, discuss nutrients to emphasize, and support any pregnancy-related conditions you may be facing. Book now and have a healthy and happy pregnancy!

Herbs and Minerals

Nutrition for Trimesters


Unlock a healthy a vibrant pregnancy with Nourishment for Trimesters. A concise and general guide that outlines clear insights to essential nutrients, recommended foods and smart choices to embrace and avoid per trimester. Created to elevate your pregnancy journey and invest today to nurture a healthier, happier pregnancy journey!

Dry Flowers

Comprehensive Prenatal Support


I will be with you every step of the way throughout your pregnancy, providing customized recommendations tailored to your needs, prenatal review, and any pregnancy-related conditions that arise. This includes a consultation for each trimester that outlines important nutrients as well as 24/7 email support for questions as they arise. Let's work together and nourish life!

Healthy Food

Additional Labs

Starting at $50

Simplify your health journey and get the answers you deserve. Easily order labs and receive a functional interpretation of the results, you will gain personal insight into your health. You can take these results to any provider of your choice for collaborative care. Empower your health journey now!


This is not meant to replace your allopathic medical care, but elevate it.

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